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Frequently Asked Questions

The charter fee is the cost of the yacht, including the tax/VAT. There will be obligatory extras added to your charters such as starter packs and departure cleaning. You will find these listed as ‘Obligatory extras’. You will also have the option to add any extras such as crew, stand up paddle boards, Wifi, etc. Please note they’re all dependent on the yacht due to different owners having different systems.

It's recommended to book your yacht charter as early as possible, especially during peak seasons. This will ensure that you have the widest selection of yachts to choose from and that you can secure your preferred dates.

It depends whether you are hiring a Skipper or sailing the yacht yourself (bareboat). If you are chartering bareboat, it depends on the location and the size of the yacht. Some countries require a skipper's license, while others only require a sailing resume. It's important to check the regulations of the country you will be sailing in and the requirements of the specific yacht you are chartering.

Most yacht charter companies allow you to bring your own food and drinks on board. Pre-provisioning is also offered with most charter companies, so they can do your food shop before you arrive. However, some may charge a corkage fee for alcoholic beverages. It's important to check with us beforehand to see what the policy is.

If there is bad weather during your charter, the captain will make a decision on whether it is safe to continue sailing. In some cases, the itinerary may need to be adjusted or the charter may need to be rescheduled. It's important to discuss the charter company's policy on bad weather before booking your charter.

You can hire a Skipper and/or Hostess on nearly every yacht. A Skipper is approx 1,900 EUR p/w and a Hostess 1,200 EUR p/w. They will sleep onboard (usually require a forepeak cabin & W/C) and you will need to account for the cost of their food for the duration. Every charter company has slighty different requirements for crew e.g. if their require their own double cabin or just a forepeak cabin, so this is something to take into consideration.

Your crew are there to make your holiday as relaxing and stress-free as possible. They will respect your personal space and have their own cabins to sleep in which are usually at the front of the boat.

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